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SSHRC Storytellers Finalist

Stacey Copeland: SSHRC Storytellers Finalist 2020/2021

“This year’s SSHRC Storytellers competition Top 25 Storytellers list shows exceptional creativity in communicating the relevance of social sciences and humanities research in the daily lives of Canadians.

One of the finalists include School of Communications’ Doctoral candidate Stacey Copeland and PhD student Brett Ashleigh, supervised by Dr. Milena Droumeva. The groups’ audio storytelling short submission “Sound Is Not A Waste Product” is part of Droumeva’s SSHRC funded research project “Soundscapes of Livability: Exploring the design of the livable city” (School of Communication, SFU). Read more in their competition Q&A on the School of Communication website.

“SSHRC’s storytellers competition challenges postsecondary students to show Canadians, in up to three minutes or 300 words, how social sciences and humanities research is affecting our lives, our world and our future for the better.” (SSHRC-CRSH) Find out more about the SSHRC Storytellers competition on the official SSHRC storytellers website.

Promo banner for SSHRC Storytellers featuring Stacey Copeland

Stacey Copeland Promo Image courtesy of SSHRC-CRSH. #SSHRCStorytellers 2020/2021

Group photo of Stacey Copeland, Milena Droumeva, and Brett Ashleigh

Stacey Copeland, Milena Droumeva, and Brett Ashleigh. School of Communication, SFU Burnaby, 2020.