In the Works

  • (2022–2024) Contract with U of Calgary for new learning podcast series - 3QTL: Three Questions About Teaching and Learning. []
  • (2024-2025) Book Manuscript + Audio documentary series - Lavender Sounds: A Political Phenomenology of Queer Feminist Soundwork. Under contract with University of Michigan Press
  • Open to new projects and collaborations.

Past Projects

  • test December 2023

    Amplify Podcast Network

    Amplify Podcast Network aims to encourage collaboration and experimentation via the medium of scholarly podcasting. Copeland is the supervising producer and project manager of Amplify Podcast Network. She also hosts the network’s monthly audio blog Amplified.

  • test December 2023

    Sound + Text Experiments

    Here you will find various Text + Sound Experiments I’ve conducted over the years. They range from binaural soundscapes to short stories, to poetry and collective experimentation. I truly believe in play and in vulnerability as key to a better creative practice and to a better world. I offer here a bit of both in good spirit.

  • test December 2022

    The SpokenWeb Podcast

    The SpokenWeb Podcast – What does literature sound like? What stories will we hear if we listen to the archive? This is Spokenweb, a podcast about how literatures sounds. Part of the SSHRC Funded SpokenWeb partnership.

  • test July 2022

    This is The Sound of My Voice

    Based on Copeland’s Master’s Thesis research in Communication & Culture, This is the Sound of my Voice is a three-part audio documentary exploring the experiences and voices of Toronto radio women, sonified.

  • test August 2020

    SSHRC Storytellers Finalist

    The collaborative audio storytelling short “Sound Is Not A Waste Product” is a finalist for the SSHRC Storytellers competition 2020/2021. It is part of Dr. Milena Droumeva’s SSHRC funded research project “Soundscapes of Livability: Exploring the design of the livable city”.

  • test June 2020

    Speaking In and Listening Out

    Speaking In and Listening Out is a soundscape project centered on voice, as extension of the body through sound. The plurality and uniqueness of voice, becomes re/materialized through on-site recording and on-demand re/amplification at AMAS16.

  • test May 2020

    Livable Soundscapes

    Under the supervision of PI Dr. Droumeva, Livable Soundscapes proposes that listening to the city can be an intervention into both the narratives of liveability and the processes by which community is formed in terms of sensory design.

  • test September 2019


    FemRadio is a feminist radio show based in Toronto, Canada. Hosted and produced by CJRU staff and volunteers. FemRadio aims to tell stories of rad women making a difference in our community.

  • test April 2019

    The Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions

    The Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions feature intimate ‘live’ sessions in a secret Toronto location. Studio engineering and audio post by Copeland, the sessions are produced by Indie88.1, an award-winning radio station in Toronto, Canada.

  • test February 2019

    Untold Noise

    Untold Noise explores Toronto’s noise punk community and the city’s place within the music industry as an emerging mecca of creativity and art. Stacey Copeland led audio production as audio director and executive producer.

  • test December 2018

    The (Re)sound Archive

    What if the history of sound recording was based on the ‘voice’ of the machine, the sound technology, rather than the content produced? The (Re)sound project looks to archive the voices of recording technologies through the audio capture of their electromagnetic and mechanical noise.

Available for Project Work on:

radio Radio/Podcast

  • Audio Production
  • Voice Over
  • Interviews + Hosting
  • Transcription
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting

two_pager Research

  • Audience
  • Culture
  • Communications
  • Soundscapes
  • Gender and Identity
  • Radio History

headphones Field/Audio Post

  • Audio Production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Live off the Floor
  • Field Recording
  • In Studio
  • Mixing/Foley/ADR