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The SpokenWeb Podcast

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Stories about how literature sounds.

The SpokenWeb Podcast is a monthly podcast produced by the SpokenWeb team. It is one of the compelling ways the SSHRC funded SpokenWeb project is framing and showcasing the audio of unique archival literary recordings held by SpokenWeb-affiliated universities and communities across Canada. Stacey Copeland is currently the Podcast Project Manager taking on management and supervisory production duties for the project.

Episodes are snapshots of literary history and contemporary responses to it, including interviews, panel discussions, lectures, readings, audio essays, and other relevant sound-based forms. The podcast will help share the research discoveries about archival spoken word collections, events, and other topics concerning sound, literature and culture relevant to the SpokenWeb research network, expanding our understanding of the relationship between the fields of literary studies and sound studies.

Find out more and subscribe at spokenweb.ca