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Amplify Podcast Network

amplify podcast network

The SSHRC-funded Amplify Podcast Network aims to encourage collaboration and experimentation via the medium of scholarly podcasting. We’re committed to building the capacity for new forms of scholarship by building the infrastructure to support that scholarship. Read up on our mandate or learn more about our team.

Amplify Podcast Network has been featured in MacLeans Magazine, SFU Knowledge Mobilizers, and numerous podcasts including New Books Network. The network’s open-access Guide To Academic Podcasting, authored by Copeland and Dr. Hannah McGregor, continues to garner interest and engagement from scholars around the globe.

Stacey Copeland is the supervising producer and project manager of Amplify Podcast Network. She is also the host of the network’s monthly audio blog Amplified. The audio blog series takes us behind the scenes at the Amplify Podcast Network to explore the different ways researchers and makers are reimagining the sound of scholarship.

Listen to Amplified and find out more about the Amplify project at amplifypodcastnetwork.ca